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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Change of Shift is up!

Change of Shift is up over at It's a Nursing Thing. Intelinurse2B is this weeks guest host and she has done a great job! I haven't submitted anything for this week because my blog is still a baby but if anyone happens by they should go check it out.

I would like to post more today but i've been up since 0500 with no caffiene so i'll just have to post something later on.

Monday, August 07, 2006

My Family - Part 1

He may be crazy but he's all mine! This is my son Ash, in his younger days. He's A LOT older now (19 months, ha ha). He's taken to doing a lot of cute but strange things... He loves to spin in circles, howl like a dog at the moon, and arrange all his little cars in a line. He's very cute...that's why I can't spend too much time blogging.

I just want to say that yesterday when we got home, he took of like a flash across the street (agh!) up a hill and fell down the hill face first into a muddy marshy area. It was great...I had to hose him down before I let him inside. It would have been hilarious if he hadn't run across the street to do it (or get bit by some crazy mosquito with WNV).

My blogging hopes and dreams

Welcome to my blog!

This is my first real post and i'm very excited. I've really been enjoying reading other people's blogs and have decided to start my own. The purpose of this blog is basically just to keep up with my family and also to chronicle my experiences in nursing school (and vent my frustrations). My hopes for this blog are that I keep up with it despite my hectic schedule and that I get to meet new people as a result. I'd also like to be able to post pictures from time to time. We'll see where the next year takes me.

Also, I am looking for people to guest post on my blog with their if you are interested give me a buzz!

Medical/Health Blog Questionnaire

Here is my first post - mostly stolen from Kim.

The responses for my blog are as follows:

1. Who runs this site?

This site is run by Linda, a student nurse and epidemiologist. I have a master's degree in Epidemiology and a bachelor's in Microbiology. Before going back to nursing school, I worked in Emergency Preparedness planning.

2. Who pays for the site?

The site is provided for free by It costs me nothing to maintain.

3. What is the purpose of the site?

The purpose of this site is to give me a forum to discuss my experiences as a nursing student and mother and other topics related to nursing.

4. Where does the information come from?

It comes from my own experience, the majority of my posting is anecdotal. All patients, staff and hospitals are either composites or have identifying information concealed or altered to allow for patient confidentiality. When applicable, links to information sources are given.

5. What is the basis of the information?

Please refer to question number four.

6. How is the information selected?

The postings are based on what I want to write about and what I feel will be interesting to read.

7. How current is the information?

It could be as current as my last lecture and internet research allows.

8. How does the site choose links to other sites?

My links are based solely on sites I have read and found interesting.

9. What information about you does the site collect, and why?

The site collects no information about anyone other than what is recorded on the site meters.
That information is used just for my own personal interest in seeing where my readers come from .

10. How does the site manage interactions with visitors?

Hopefully they comment and I comment back! I use word verification to stop spammers. All opinions are welcome and only posts containing profanity would be removed.